Pistachio Macarons

I've been making these for a while now, but they're so ugly I deemed them unworthy for the blog. I finally found these somewhat acceptable. I've been having such bad luck with macarons lately. Not in terms of taste, but in presentation. They just look terrible! I used to be excellent at chocolate ones and even those don't rise with pretty skirts anymore. It was pretty disheartening. I think part of it has to do with my oven not heating all around.

With these, they rose on one side and sometimes not on the other. I swear I did the same things I always do. I just had good luck on this day...

I mailed these out to a friend and she loved them. So much so that she's requested them again. It's funny because I got too lazy to make a chocolate ganache filling like I always do. And what do you do when you need a replacement? NUTELLA! It's the best fix.

For some reason, I wasn't a fan of the pistachio and nutella combo, but I'm the only one (don't even try telling my little niece those two don't go together)

Overall, pistachio is a lovely flavor for a macaron. It's naturally green (with a little help) and I was getting a bit tired of almonds...

As for the recipe, it's exactly the same as my others, with pistachio replacing the almond.

1 cup pistachios ground up and sifted
1/2 cup powdered sugar
*Put together in a bowl and set aside

2 egg whites
5 tbs of sugar
*Blend on high with an electric beater until it resembles pretty glossy shaving cream and doesn't move when you turn the bowl upside down

Fold in the pistachio/sugar mix by hand, and add coloring if necessary.
Mix just until incorporated and pour into a frosting bag with a round tip.
Pipe it onto parchment or silpat sheets, 1 inch apart.
Then let them sit out for at least 20 minutes or until they dry.
Then bake at 280 degrees for 12 minutes, rotating the pans once for even baking.
Let cool before pulling them off the mats.
Pair them and smear with any filling.

Fill with anything! Nutella is all the craze for the filling around here :)


  1. I really liked those pistachio ones you sent before. =) Could the problem be the summer humidity? I was reading a thread of ask mefi about these and someone mentioned humidity being an issue when making these.

  2. Does the lack of rise cause a failure in taste. I would so love to have these in my mouth (Nutella included) and couldn't care less about how they taste. Of couse, I do have plans to share if I can get the rise right. ♥

  3. oops, I couldn't care less about how they LOOK! Taste is everything!

  4. The lack of rise really doesn't/shouldn't affect taste... in humidity though, they turn out sticky and hard to peel off from the mats. But you really can't go wrong with a combination of nuts, egg whites, and sugar!

  5. These look amazing! I really like the idea of pistachio and nutella combined together...double yum!

  6. Just wonderful,i like very much,congratulations!

  7. In summer, I don't even attempt macarons... in GA, meringue just doesn't work as well and the crusting of the shells before going into the oven takes a bit too long... but these look very cute! and im sure it taste amazing :)

  8. Nutella and pistachio are meant for each other in my eyes...

  9. pistachio + nutella = heaven. They looks so perfect!

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  11. sorry something wrong is my browser :)


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