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Photo from Kaylen--I was photographing Whisk's pops!
Hi! My name is Amrita, which is difficult for some people to pronounce (phonetically it's "um-rith-ahh"), although it's not an uncommon name in India, where I was born (it means 'nectar').

I was accepted to Washington University grad school for Human Resources and made the semi-permanent move to St. Louis, MO in January, 2011. Since then, I've become a regular columnist for Sauce Magazine, a food writer for Honest Cooking, as well as starting my own business (check my tabs). It's been a great experience full of baking adventures and learning to live on my own. I'm also completely in love with the city of St Louis, so that helps.

I used to be really picky about food, until my mom brought me to a dinner party at a sushi restaurant when I was 14 and I heard her tell her friends that I probably wouldn't try anything. That only made me want to prove her wrong and after one piece of sushi roll, I was opened up to a whole new world

Now, I get really excited about food in general, and love getting passionately hooked on new things and sharing them with everyone I know. 
I enjoy reading, traveling, and discussing recipes/restaurants/kitchen appliances with friends (that's not that weird is it?). 

Everything you see on my blog is self-taught--I started it primarily with the intention of practicing food photography. I couldn't eat out every day just to photograph pretty dishes, so I started making them at home. And then, somehow, people became more interested in my recipes. I discovered I love blogging, taking photos and coming up with creative recipes or fun twists on classics while sharing my own personal spin on it.

I try to keep it somewhat healthy and keep fried foods to a minimum (also because I almost burned down the house twice doing that). However, I'd rather eat in moderation and indulge in something worth my calories--so you will never see anything sugar-free or with sugar-replacements here (bleh). 

I do believe recipes are meant to be shared and I love sharing them with you. 
I also love feeding people--the best feeling is seeing someone genuinely enjoy something I've created from scratch, with love.

Most of my photography is done with my Canon G11, which I absolutely adore and recommend if you want a camera on the DSLR level but still able to fit in your pocket.
More recently the boyfriend is sweet and lets me use his Canon XTi, which makes my food for which I purchased a macro lens that is totally awesome.

All photos and recipes are mine (unless otherwise stated) and please do not take or re-post my photos without my permission.

Thanks for stopping by :)


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