Mango Pie

This dessert is my mother's recipe and very sought-after. Everyone who has ever tried it has become a fan. It's light and delicious and you'll find yourself craving more. I have yet to meet a person who hasn't liked this pie!

My mom used to make this for office parties and any special occasions. Since the recipe makes three, I know people who have impressively been able to eat half of one in one sitting. I started to make it for my friends and a few swear by it now and bake this up more frequently than me.

All you need is a blender and a measuring cup :)

I much prefer one brand of mango puree to any other and although I've made this with other brands, they simply just aren't as good. Look for this one! If you can't find it, as long as the can says ALPHONSO mango puree, it'll be great.

The recipe below makes 3 mango pies. You may be thinking, what am I going to do with THREE mango pies?! Don't worry, they never last long. The brand of mango puree that we use has three cups in it, so it's easier to make three at once, unless you have an idea for what to do with the remaining puree. It goes bad fairly quickly once opened. We also prefer the Ratna brand of mango puree, found at most Indian stores. It truly makes all mango desserts that much better.

You can also make a 9-inch pie crust yourself if you like. I've made it from scratch with graham cracker crumbs and haven't tasted enough of a difference to do it again. I've even tried this with a shortbread or nilla wafer crust and although both are good, the graham cracker crust is ideal for my family.
I've also made it in mousse cups completely crustless for those who don't want the crust. 

Another option is stirring in some coconut extract (or any other extract of your choice), but this tends to make the filling less sweet, and it's already not too sweet to begin with.
And if you have a sweet tooth, I would up the sugar content by a few tablespoons.

*Please read the directions fully and carefully before starting to make it!

Mango Pie
Makes 3 9-inch pies

1 can mango pulp (30 ounces total)
3 packets Knox unflavored gelatin + 2 1/4 cup water 
1 8-oz packet of cream cheese, cut into thirds (2.6 ounces each)
3 cups whipping cream or CoolWhip (24 ounces total)
12 tbsp sugar
3 graham cracker pie crusts (or 6 mini ones)

Dissolve 1 packet gelatin in 1/2 cup cold water.
Wait 2 minutes, then add 1/4 cup hot water, stirring until combined with no lumps.

In the blender add: 
1/3rd of the cream cheese packet (about 2.6 ounces)
1 cup heavy cream
4 tbsp sugar
1 heaped cup mango puree (10 ounces)
Dissolved gelatin in the 3/4 cup water

Puree nicely and pour into the graham cracker pie crust and chill in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours.
Repeat two more times for each pie crust.
Fill the crust as much as you possibly can; you may have some leftover filling that you can set in other bowls/cups as mousse. 

*I have tried this in a blender and in a bowl with an electric mixer... If you can fit all the contents at once, you can make the entire mixture in one go, but I don't have a blender or bowl large enough.

*I have made this without the crust, and I have also made it in ramekins, omitting the sugar entirely and then sprinkling it over the top and bruleeing it to make a mango creme brulee which is just perfection! The possibilities are endless!

Happy baking!


  1. hey, i tried this without the pie crust and it was awesome...

  2. I need to go buy some Ratna mango right now..

  3. Sounds yummy! I don't have any Indian food stores here, could I use mango pulp instead? Thank u for sharing hope too hear from u soon!


  4. If you take off all the flesh and toss out the pit and puree that, it should be fine to use in the filling... BUT most mangoes are very fibrous and not very sweet so you may have to adjust the sugar. I would recommend the can because it's made from Indian mangoes which taste totally different, so I hope you can find it somewhere! Hope this helps!

    1. How bout frozen mango pulp? Would that be better? Sorry to keep asking but I'm completely obsessed with mangoes , I already told my friends n family to keep their eyes open for canned mangoes! Thanks again!


  5. I ADORE mango, absolutely adore it, and the idea of having a mango pie is making me rather excited indeed! Next time I spy some of that mango pulp I will buy it and make this in a flash :)

  6. @Johana, that sounds like it would be fine; you might want to let it thaw so that it mixes well with the other ingredients. Let me know how it works out :)

  7. Other use for the pulp and how to make it last longer: use mango puree all the time as substitute for chocholate syrup in milk shakes. My son likes 1-2 sppon in every glass. As soon as I open the can, I transfer it into 3 containers and freeze the other 2. The refigerated container is good for atleast a week, usually cases longer. Looking forward to trying this receipie thsi weekend!

  8. @Anonymous, thanks so much for the tips!
    Too bad I'm lactose-intolerant, those shakes sound delicious. Freezing sounds the best; maybe in ice-cube forms for smoothies!

  9. I've made this pie 5 times now and everyone in my family LOVES it! They all ask me for the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  10. Do I have to use canned mangoes or can I use fresh ones? Do you know how much is in one mango puree can?

  11. There are 3 generous helpings in a can of that mango puree.. my mom designed it so that the entire can would be used and nothing would be wasted. I usually measure out 3 cups and then distribute the rest evenly!

  12. You cab also freeze it and make mango ice cream or mango kulfi


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