Mango Coconut Ice Cream

Apologies for not writing sooner! 
I was visiting Toronto with Joe and friends for the weekend. Another couple who we hadn't seen in over two years decided to join us while we were there for Joe's roommate's engagement party. We spent the weekend eating in Greektown, eating in Chinatown, eating in Farmer's market, buying random baguettes and forgetting to buy cheese and eating it at the harbor front... 

We lucked out and managed to get a great condo overlooking the great lake, with an amazing view.
We didn't actually get a photo of the view though, after we noticed enormous mosquitos patiently waiting on the glass doors... but we did take a ferry to Centre Island and rode tandem bikes. Put that on my list of things I never thought I'd ever do. So cheesy and awesome!

It was a very nice 'couple-y' weekend that ended with a wonderful engagement party celebrating one of the best couples I know. I wish I had taken more photos of food but unfortunately, I was always too hungry by the time food arrived and forgot. 

And now I'm in Atlanta for the next few days, visiting friends and family. It's a much needed vacation from St. Louis, especially since I'll be there the rest of summer.

My favorite part of my Toronto trip? Finding Indian mangoes! Joe could never understand my love for Indian mangoes because he had never really tasted one. On his first bite, he turned to me and said "I get it. This is amazing." I refrained from saying "I told you so", but mostly because my mouth was full with mangoes too...
There really is no comparison... Indian mangoes are on another level so if you ever find them, buy a crate!

I made this mango-coconut ice cream for a friend's birthday and it turned out great, even without an ice cream maker. My family makes it often (minus the coconut) and no one has ever needed an ice cream maker. It does take several hours, preferably overnight to chill.
I don't like coconut but my friend does. The recipe is definitely open to any flavors that go with mango.

We always go for this mango puree brand, found at Indian stores. It's the best one and we use it for all our desserts. I have a friend who eats it straight out of the can.

If you have a blender, you can make this ice cream! This particular batch was devoured quickly by the seven guests at a dinner party.

Mango Coconut Ice Cream
Serves 8

2 cups heavy whipping cream

1 can mango pulp
14 oz (1 can) condensed milk - 14oz 
*1/2 cup sugar (optional - depends on preferred sweetness)
2 tsp coconut extract (optional)

Blend together and freeze in a container. 
Add shredded coconut if preferred.

The friend who I made this for does not like very sweet desserts so I omitted the sugar. When I told everyone, they said they couldn't imagine the ice cream any sweeter, so perhaps the extra half cup is unnecessary? I'll let you be the judge, since some may find the puree slightly tart.


  1. I'm so happy you posted about the mango ice cream you told me about!

    Also, wow. your post just gave me soo many ideas for what we can do in Toronto during the honeymoon! I am totally writing some of the things tandem biking! and Greektown eating, yum I didn't even know there was a Greektown!

  2. I made a mango ice cream last week that was slightly different but we loved it! Post will be up in the next few weeks :)

  3. This looks great! I didn't realize making ice cream was so easy. Is the consistency different if you use an ice cream maker vs. just blending together and sticking it in the freezer?

  4. @Sharon, I think my ice cream was a little creamier and not as ice-crystal-y... but no one seemed to notice. It may have also melted faster at room temp, but it was also insanely hot in the room with 7 of us and no air conditioning...

    @Natalie, looking forward to seeing your post!


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