Crepes, Crepes, Crepes

I don't know I ever pronounce the word correctly, but gosh darn it, crepes are ridiculously easy and delicious! They're sometimes a little frustrating to make, especially if you insist on making them paper thin like I do. I really wanted to recreate my perfect crepe in wintry Paris, warm and filled with nutella. But flipping it when it's super thin is maddening.

I made sweet crepes, and they were easy and fun. We had so many toppings to choose from. Hao made coconut ice cream, there was nutella, and my homemade caramel sauce. I had already made cream cheese frosting. Aba brought over hazelnut butter, and there was her homemade strawberry jam. We also had fresh strawberries and raspberries... mint chocolate chip ice cream... and bananas! The possibilities were endless!

I kept lobbying for my original favorite crepe from Paris, with plain nutella. But then I couldn't resist all the toppings. I made mine with nutella, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and drizzled some caramel on top. Oh boy, this crepe is not to be messed with. The sweetness is pretty lethal.

The boys insisted the best way to make it was with coconut ice cream, strawberries, nutella, and caramel sauce, with some coconut flakes on top.
I also loved smearing cream cheese frosting with strawberries and raspberries inside!

In any case, the crepes were amazing :)

This inspired me to make savory crepes for breakfast one day. We put all the leftovers we could find inside it, but the best was with cream cheese and smoked salmon, yum yum.

Joe begged me to make both savory and sweet crepes twice on the trip, so we ate these, a LOT. And yes, I have a lot of weight to work off from that trip :)

Both the recipes came from the trusty ole Food Network. I urge everyone to try crepes some time. They're simple, tasty and versatile. <3!


  1. I think my absolute favorite combination will forever be fresh strawberries and hazelnut butter.

    Nutella, for some reason, I like best on bread.


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