STL Food Feasts

I spent a glorious 6 days in St. Louis, Missouri with JBS and friends. It's funny, I never imagined I'd go to the midwest, and even so, I figured it would be Chicago, not St. Louis. Now I'm getting to know this city pretty well. Strange.

I had heard JBS had made a Chinese food feast with his friends a few weeks back, and he promised to make me one when I got there. I love that this boy keeps to his promises...

I did much of the chopping/prepping/washing, while Ran and Joe cooked everything. They are the best chefs ever!

We had:

Sweet n' Sour Pork with Green Peppers


Chicken and Broccoli with Mushrooms


Spicy Tofu

Home-made Chinese sausage courtesy of Joe's parents

Awesomely giant plate of food.

I just realized I forgot to photograph my favorite dish of all: tomato and egg. Oh well, I was too hungry by that point!

On one of my last nights, we also had homemade lasagna. Our friends, Hao and Ashleigh, stayed up till 4:30am making pasta from scratch... crazy! We went over and they made the most fabulous lasagna. It was so delicious, I'm still dreaming about it. I wanted to eat more but my stomach really couldn't handle it. Sigh. So yummy though.

Waiting its turn to go into the oven.


Garlicky Bread!

Topped off with cupcakes for dessert!


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