Moose Tracks Cupcakes

JBS and I love moose tracks ice-cream. Something about those ribbons of chocolate fudge, and finding a mini peanut butter cup in a mouthful, mmm...

Anyway, I decided to try to make moose tracks cupcakes, even though they don't taste much like the ice cream.

I made my usual vanilla cupcakes and filled the center with milk chocolate/peanut butter ganache. Then I topped the whole thing with some dark chocolate fudge. It was soooo good!

In addition, I made a few regular sized cupcakes last week, and cut the middle to show the filling.

I brought these to JBS when I came to St. Louis and he kinda went crazy for them. He finished quite a few on the ride home from the airport. Since we did want his friends to try them, I said I'd make another batch when we all hung out.

So I did! And with a team effort from everyone on how to improve on it... we added some toffee bits on top that our friend Aba made. It added a nice crunch to it, although it tastes much less like the ice cream now, heh.

Still yummy! We all went crazy for them. And the boys still haven't figured out how I filled the cupcakes so perfectly, haha.

Happy baking! :)


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