A Weekend in St. Louis

I had such a great past weekend in St. Louis that I was a bit sad to come home. I got to spend time with JBS and his friends, and it was very relaxing/fun.

 Besides all the movies and Rock Band 2 we played, we also made time to cook and eat out, so here's a look back in food!

On Friday for brunch, we went to this place called 'The Rooster', which specializes in crepes. We had a coupon and had to order $25 worth of food to get $10 off. We ended up ordering four dishes that were so big in portion that the waiter joked that he felt like he was setting up an eating competition for us...

We ordered a bison chili covered with a giant crepe, a nutella crepe, a sausage/cheddar/spiced apple savory crepe, and a Kahlua crepe with a scoop of Bailey's ice cream, that we had to eat first or else the ice cream would melt! We had many leftovers from this...

On the next night, we decided to stay in and cook a meal with friends... We ended up making oven-roasted rosemary potatoes, butternut squash risotto, and lamb:


The next morning, we met our friends Bethany and John for brunch at a place called Scape.. It was bit upscale but the food was surprisingly quite good. I opted for a Berry crepe, which has the sweetest fruits... JBS had a burger and fries, while Bethany and John got french toast and Blueberry ricotta pancakes with lemon curd:


All in all, for a weekend in food, it was quite delicious. For a weekend in good company and a very awesome boyfriend, it was even better :)


  1. man, i wish there were more leftovers...

  2. I have to say, I'm impressed that you managed to take a pretty picture of the lamb, and still in the pan too!


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