Matcha Coconut Oatmeal

It's St Patrick's Day tomorrow, so in honor of all things green, I thought I'd post a recipe for one of my favorite breakfasts--a naturally green matcha oatmeal.

Matcha has been all over the food blogs for the last month or so. Everyone is sipping on their matcha lattes and posting pretty photos of them. I've had matcha powder for years now for green tea desserts, but it never occurred to me to make a latte out of it. Well, I also don't drink milk so there's that.

I used to absolutely hate oatmeal because I was always eating the prepackaged ones and never bothered to make it from scratch. It never really filled me up (I learned later that a lot of the fiber is stripped from the prepackaged ones) and I would get bored fast.

I've finally started making it myself and trying it various ways--bruleed bananas, cinnamon and raspberries, cranberries and pecans. Oatmeal is a fun and clean slate to try all kinds of flavor combinations. 

I made this one with matcha and coconut milk powder. I added honey, raspberries and also some black sesame seeds for a crunch (or I guess add Chia seeds if you're trying to be healthy and need some good digestion).
The oatmeal tastes like green tea but is nicely tempered by the honey and the milk coconut flavor. It was so good! 
Not very Irish but at least green, nonetheless. 

I would definitely have breakfast foods for every meal if I could, wouldn't you? 
As my spirit animal says:


Happy St Patrick's Day! Hope ya don't get pinched :)

Matcha Coconut Oatmeal
Serves 1

1/3 cup oatmeal (I like this one)
2/3 cup milk (I use almond milk)
2 tbs coconut milk powder*
1 tsp matcha powder
1.5 tbs honey or maple syrup
Handful of raspberries/any fruit

*Or replace powder and milk with coconut milk

Boil the oatmeal, milk, coconut powder, and matcha powder together over medium heat. 
Once it thickens to your preference, remove from heat and stir in the honey/syrup.
Place in a bowl with raspberries and sprinkle black sesame seeds over the top.


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