Ginger Cinnamon Rice Krispy Treats

I love love love rice krispy treats. I also used to love oreos as a kid, but somehow outgrew them. But I'll never outgrow rice krispy treats, especially now that I've perfected them from scratch.
Although we never kept a box of them at home, my mom would occasionally bring one for me when she came back from the gym; I loved the crunch of the crisp rice, and letting my fingers get covered in sticky marshmallow goo.

When I got a bit older, I found the store-bought ones a bit too sweet for my taste. Then I went to a family friends' house and made them with one of my favorite aunties and they were so much more delicious from scratch! I've never been able to eat a packaged rice krispy treat again; these hit just the spot. For a long time, I'd make a single serving quick batch using 3 or 4 marshmallows as a snack.

I had always seen different flavors around, like chocolate mint and strawberry flavored ones. I, for one, am highly resistant to change and always thought I was a rice krispy treats purist. But then one day I spied some freshly grated ginger leftover from another meal and wondered what would happen if I tossed it into the marshmallows. And added a dash of my best cinnamon to boot. The flavors were irresistible together. The ginger and the cinnamon definitely toned down the sweetness but added a wonderful kick. 

Now, I can't make rice krispy treats without cinnamon anymore (ginger is sometimes omitted when I'm feeling lazy).
PS. I decided to try out Vietnamese cinnamon when I found some at Penzey's Spices and it is fan-cay. One whiff of this and you'll see why it stands above the rest.

Ginger Cinnamon Rice Krispy Treats
Makes one flat 8x8 pan

1.5 tbs salted butter
3/4 tsp fresh ginger
10 regular sized marshmallows
about 3 cups rice krispy cereal*
1/8 tsp fancy cinnamon (enough to evenly sprinkle over the pan)

*Add the cereal by the half cup until you achieve the consistency you're looking for; less of it will result in a sweeter and more gooier bar, more will result in a crunch.
*I prefer the Trader Joe's brand of 'crisp rice cereal', it's a bit healthier.

Grease the baking pan with butter and set aside.
Place a medium sized saucepan over low heat.
Add the butter and spread it so that the entire bottom and  most of the sides are buttered. You may also butter the pan first and then heat, up to you.
Add in the marshmallows and cover with a lid for a couple of minutes or until they get soft.
Once they puff and slightly spread (you can test by poking them with your spatula but that may result in a sticky mess), add in the ginger.
Add the cereal and stir all together.
Empty the mix onto the baking pan and press down.
Sprinkle with cinnamon and cut into squares.

I love to eat them warm but they're great at room temperature too.


  1. I replace the butter with extra virgin coconut oil infused w/cannabis. GETS ME STONED AS HECK...awesome mix with the ginger..lovin it!!

  2. I hope these taste a lot better than the super hard ones i made! haha. I don't quite know when the marshmallows are considered "melted."


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