Raspberry Creme Fraiche Tart

Happy Holidays everyone!

So sorry for the loooong hiatus from the blog. I've been busy spending time with family and friends back in Atlanta (and I hope you've been busy with yours too!). I'm so happy to be home and near everyone and everything I've missed. I can't believe it's been almost a whole year since I moved away from my hometown.

I've eaten so much delicious home cooking from my grandma this break that I forgot to bake for a little while! I also brought home about 500 macarons to distribute in boxes to family and friends though, so to be fair, our fridge would explode if I tried to add to it.

This New Year's Eve, I'm making an assorted table of desserts for our party. It's about 15 of my closest friends and we're doing a friend's place up. I'm pretty excited, especially since the theme is sparkly/sequins and I'm making desserts accordingly. I have a lot of ideas and I really hope they all work out. I'll be back in my element, baking nonstop this week, for sure.

Now on to the tart!

I've had my eye on this recipe for about a year. Yeah, you heard me. A year. 
I can finally knock one recipe off my bookmarked folder... only about a 100 or so more to go on a list that just keeps growing.

I finally made this the week before we drove home to ATL.
It's delicious, soft, smooth, creamy. The raspberries add mild sour kick and the sweetness/softness of the tart soothe your tastebuds. 

This tart is best for a late night snack, or to make the night before so it's there, waiting for you when you walk in the door after a long, hard day. It's also great to bring to someone's house for a relaxed brunch or lunch. It's like a sigh of relief, in food form.

I hope you enjoy it!

Also, Happy New Year! Here's to a wonderful year of 2012 ahead of us. I'll be waiting on the other side with many more photos and recipes and stories and hugs :)

Raspberry Creme Fraiche Tart
Makes 1 9-in tart
Adapted from here

1/2 cup butter, room temp
3/4 cup + 2 tbs sugar
4 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup all-purpose flour (can substitute a 1/4 cup of flour with almond meal)
3/4 cup creme fraiche (or sour cream)
1 cups fresh raspberries (about 6oz)
powdered sugar to decorate
pinch of salt

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.
Beat the butter with 1/2 cup sugar and a pinch of salt with an electric beater until creamy and fluffy. Add 3 eggs and 1/2 tsp vanilla.
Add the flour and beat until combined.

Spread the mixture into a tart pan and pat down with a spatula, as well as patting it around the sides (this is your crust).

Beat 1 egg with 1/4 cup sugar, 1/2 tsp vanilla, and the creme fraiche, until combined.
Pour over the tart and pat it down on top of the "crust".
Place the raspberries on top and sprinkle with 2 tbs sugar.

Bake for 50-60 minutes until the edges are golden and the middle is firm.

Sift some powdered sugar for decoration over it before serving.


  1. This sounds like a lovely recipe. I bet my mum would love this raspberry tart. Which would you recommend, sour cream or creme fraiche? Do the two offer quite different tastes? Sorry for the perhaps stupid question. Thank you. And Happy New Year, I hope you have an exciting and successful year ahead of you. Thank you for your lovely blog and wonderful collection of recipes.

  2. Ohh it looks so soft and moist and delicious...

  3. Thanks!
    @Doodle, I think creme fraiche is better; it's smoother and slightly lighter than sour cream, as well as less sour. Creme fraiche is like beating heavy whipping cream with buttermilk.
    Sour cream can work as an alternative but it's only if you really can't find creme fraiche (it's available at Trader Joe's and specialty stores)
    I haven't tasted this with sour cream as yet though, so if you can't find creme fraiche, try it and let me know!

  4. Ooo! I'm gonna try this! Maybe with sour cream though.


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