Trip to the Golden Coast

I've been MIA on the blog for a few days because I've been discovering California with Joe! T'was definitely a trip of EPIC proportions, especially in terms of food. We ate and ate, and were always hungry for more.

Here's our food diary :)

Our 1st meal in San Francisco!

Haight St... Lamb sausage. So good.
Best egg tart of my life; thanks to Khiem for the rec!
The perfect late night meal
I'd been looking forward to this bakery for about a year. It did not disappoint.
Beef noodles and Duck wonton soup for breakfast
Ghirardelli fudge... I've never tasted anything like it!!
Best carne asada of my life. This was breakfast.
Really great ice-cream with unique flavors
Then we took a really comfy Cal-Train to San Jose where we spent a lovely weekend with my aunt and uncle. Mostly dips in the pool and hot tub, interrupted only by wineries and yummy food.

My aunt and uncle made this amazing meal for us on the first night!
Cooked on a stove at our own table! Also served other Korean foods... I was full for 12 hours afterwards.
The line was ridiculous. We went here 4 times on the trip.. definitely under the Pinkberry spell
I had dreaming about this place since the last time I visited San Jose! Oh orange sauce...
Cute cupcake shop in a cute small town of Los Gatos
Then we took a Vietnamese bus to Los Angeles, since it worked out the cheapest. Their bus stop was in front of a Viet sandwich shop, and of course we got delicious Banh mi sandwiches for lunch. We also had to watch a Viet variety show on the ride, which was also quite entertaining...

In LA, I discovered a new love for Japanese noodles!

This place had a huge line at 6pm on a Monday night.. definitely worth the wait
Chicken and beef ramen. The chicken won. Accompanied with a Calpico; the perfect dinner.
Pink's Hot Dogs: That crowd was at 10:30am on a Wednesday!
I disliked LA the most, but my favorite part of it was their famous Farmer's market where all the celebrities frequent.

I could have spent hours here if we had discovered it sooner!
Overall, everything really was as tasty as I had imagined :)

Things I forgot to photograph:
Sprinkles, which had by far the best red velvet cupcakes I have ever tried (And I've never understood the craze for them in the first place especially since they're just devil's food cake) But this was incredibly moist and paired with a lovely cream cheese frosting (although I'd reduce the sugar by a little). We went there twice but ate them too fast for pictures.
We also went to Schubert's Bakery and tried the white chocolate raspberry mousse which was yummy, and Miette at the 1 Ferry Building Marketplace.
Also ate a lot of Pinkberry yogurt with fruit and not chocolate, but all I photographed was the above, so of course Joe and I look like total choco-holics (he did get mochi and yogurt chips) :)

And now, I have to work off all that I ate on this trip.... and look forward to more food comas in India!


  1. i think i gained some extra weight just looking at those pics!

    but i'd do it over again anytime =)


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