I looove me some unagi (freshwater eel in Japanese)!!

Ever since I had sushi with my friend Judith many many years ago and she ordered it, I've been hooked. I used to say it tastes sort of like soft chicken but now I think it's just a flavor and texture all on its own, as it should be. 

Donburi is a dish of sliced eel served on a bed of rice. You can get this at most Japanese places, and I love it at the new Super-H mart (Korean grocery store with a nice foodcourt) on Peachtree. But since I can't afford that all the time, I bought some pre-seasoned frozen eel and made brown rice to eat it with.

I also love ordering it on sushi rolls, often called Dragon rolls in restaurants. I think I'd eat eel in any way, really. It's always crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and got this nice coating of sweet saucy flavor on it. I've actually never seen it without the sauce or pre-cooked. Hm. Most Asian grocery stores in the ATL have it on their shelves and it's perfect for a quick meal. 

I'm so glad I got past my terrible phase at age 12 of not trying new foods! Yum.
In fact, I think I might make some more soon... :)


  1. That looks tasty!

    Somehow, it never occurred to me that eel is something I can buy and eat at home without needing to like, skin and clean and cook it myself. Ahmet is going to be excited (he loves eel!).


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